Design and production of continuous casting powders: tundish and ladle covering, mould fluxes

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Production of casting
and refractories
for steel plants

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Tailored solutions
for optimal performance
in steelmaking

Isolant Service has been researching and producing casting and refractory auxiliaries for steelworks since 1991: steel covering spray-dried powders, desulphurizers, dephosphorants, and spray masses for iron and steel use.

We also produces acid and basic refractory barriers, inhibitor plates, oxygen and argon lances, refractory mortars and dry paints for marking slabs.

Each Isolant Service product is customized according to the client’s needs to optimize costs and performance.

Quality and

Isolant Service assures full compliance of manufactured products to meet the highest quality of requirements and standards. It is a modern vision for quality and environmental management.
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Design and

Our laboratory provides production projects that can be carried out at any plant that meets any specific requirements.
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Logistics and

The company guarantees prompt, timely and efficient delivery with respect to the client’s production needs.

Let us create the formula of your success

Our development team formulates the best product for each stage of your production process and provides production projects that can be realized anywhere in the world.
Contact us now for personalized advice, our expertise is at your service.

Placing their trust in our company, the client also acquires our experienced technical support and know-how during the entire life cycle of our products.
The technical staff is equipped with modern facilities and laboratories so that they are at the forefront of innovation in this sector.

Isolant News

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August 3, 2021
Over 30 years in the service of steel

Isolant Service celebrates its thirty years of activity in the world of steel thanking all its collaborators, who with their constant passion and commitment make our company competitive and successful. Above all, Isolant Service thanks its clients, many of whom are at the top of the market, for renewing their trust in our customized products…

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