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Blast Furnace

Isolant Service boasts thirty years of experience in the blast furnace area, allowing us to create unique and exclusive products that meet the different needs and requests of the client.

The main properties of these products are:

  • Greater thermal insulation
  • Improved continuity and performance of the process
  • Enhanced safety of the operation
  • Improved separation between slag and iron
  • Reduced cost of refractory repairs

Iron runner insulation

A spray-dried powder that provides the thermal insulation of cast iron during the casting process from the runner to the torpedo carriage.

The use of the product ensures that the upper part of the iron in contact with the air does not solidify, avoiding damage of the cast iron runner and improving the continuity and the performance of the process.

This solution avoids the strong heat radiation and splashes of incandescent liquid cast iron, which allows the operator to manage his work tasks safely.

Iron and blast furnace slag flow diversion into the runner

Refractory granulate is employed in the construction of the bridge in charge of diverting the iron in the respective runners, in order to avoid it ending up in the blast furnace slag runner.

The usage of our product allows the workers to manage the iron flow in a continuous and safe approach, greatly improving the separation between slag and iron.