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Several years of experience in the continuous casting process and the constant efforts made in the most important Italian steelworks have allowed the achievement of greater results in ladle, tundish and mould applications, allowing the product’s customization to follow the client’s needs.

Refractory barriers

Design and production of aluminous and magnesium refractory barriers, in accordance to the client’s specific design.

This product aims to regulate the flow of steel and contain the slag in the tundish.

The refractory material used is resistant to erosion and thermal changes, minimizing the loss of material and the appearance of cracks, and allowing for prolonged use.

Inhibitor plates

Aluminous refractory plates to be positioned in the center of the tundish under the ladle unloader, in order to reduce the splashing of the first steel in the tundish.

Refractory spray masses

Magnesium spray masses for tundish lining, for ladle and furnaces restoration.

This product is resistant to high temperatures, with good corrosion resistance and a long shelf life, that ensures the steel does not adhere to the lining of the tundish, in turn facilitating its removal during cleaning.

Spray-dried solutions for tundish covering

  • Acidic covering compounds
  • Basic covering compounds
  • Neutral covering compounds
  • Captive covering compounds
  • Main properties
  • Non-metallic inclusions entrapment
  • Thermal insulation
  • Slag forming with controlled basicity index
  • Carbon and oxide pick-up
  • Maximization of steel cleanliness
  • Steel re-oxidation prevention
  • Low dust solutions
  • Low refractory corrosion activity