Who we are

30 years’ experience

Our Company

The Isolant service Srl company has been researching and producing desulphurization, fluxes and insulating spray-dried powders for continuous casting processes since 1991.

The constant effort in this field, ensures highly customizable and top of the line quality products.

Our company implements a certified Integrated Management System, complying to the most up to date quality, environmental, health and safety standards in order to manage the activities of design and manufacture products that ensure a constant improvement of business performance and full client satisfaction.

Many efforts have been made to achieve the highest standards for our clients, with particular focus on quality and environmental expectations, which further strengthens the reliability and know-how of the Company.

Since the very beginning of our company, we aimed at acquiring the best quality raw materials and applying end-to-end quality controls, because we believe that the best performing products can only derive from the highest quality raw materials that are handled by the most experienced producers.

Placing their trust in our company, the client also acquires our experienced technical support and know-how during the entire life cycle of our products.
The technical staff is equipped with modern facilities and laboratories to be at the forefront of innovation in this sector.

Our core business is the production of spray-dried mould fluxes, tundish and ladle covering in the form of spherical granules, in addition to other desulphurization products.

The spherical granules with respect to traditional insulation powders, guarantee improved properties and performance like minimum dust emission, homogenous distribution and coverage, as well as, lower bulk density for higher thermal insulation.

Moreover, spherical granules offer increased flowability properties, longer shelf lives and a much easier application.

Planning and consultancy

The formulations are always customized to the specific needs of the individual client.
Our laboratory also provides production projects that can be carried out at any plant that meets any specific requirements.

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Quality Certification

Environmental Certification
UNI EN ISO 14001

Safety System Certification
ISO 45001

Culture of quality, environment and safety

Isolant Service Srl’s company policy is commitment to pursuing modern solutions for the quality, the environment, and health and safety of our work, placing it and the client at the center of our system, studying their needs and ways in which we can satisfy them.

Isolant Service has obtained from the DNV GL the certifications according to UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 45001.

Integrated policy
Policy for quality, environmental management, safety and health at work.

Let us create the formula of your success

Our development team formulates the best product for each stage of your production process and provides production projects that can be realized anywhere in the world.
Contact us now for personalized advice, our expertise is at your service.